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Product Name:  GSM Alarm + CCTV All-in-one System
Name:   GSM Alarm + CCTV All-in-one System Model: SSG-CCTV-GSM-B 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: CCTV Camera+GSM Alarm 
  Main Function:
1.Arm/disarm, alarm, each defense zone arm/disarm separately
2.Mute/audible alarm, delay to arm/disarm
3.Alarm in priority when telephone line is busy
4.10 seconds customized voice records, will playback when alarm triggers
5.Keyboard system operation to make basic setting
6.Autodial 6 groups of telephone numbers when sensor has triggered
7.Listen-in the spot when client pick up his phone or mobile, remote control for arm, disarm, alarm, exit.
8.Multiple sensor compatible,15 wireless sensors or accessories can be connected
9.Remote megaphone to intruder via telephone or mobile to scare burglar away when answering the alarm calling.
10.Alarm, recording, remote viewing synchronously
11.Mobile operation, SMS operation for arm/disarm, alarm, exit
12.Remote viewing via PC when it connects to Internet, remote playback, password protection, multi-authorized
13.High volume SATA hard disk compatible as high as 1,000 GB, can be extended more.
14.one to four outdoor radar camera can be installed for outdoor, one or four other CCTV camera, box camera, dome camera,
15.High db real-time invoice to scare away the intruder together with outer flashing siren using mobile or telephone
16.H.264 compression, real-time recording for 4 channel, viewing on the monitor
Video format: H.264
HDD Interface: SATA
Playback Mode: Normal Play, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Frame by Frame
Remote Access: LAN or Internet Browsing
Net Protocol: TCP/IP, DDNS

System Overview

The System combine the GSM Alarm System with the DVR. So it has all the function of the GSM Wireless Alarm System. So when the intruder come in the house, the system be trigged to deterrent the intruder, And the system will not only send alarm information to the user, but also to save the video as evidence.  what′s more the user can view video on internet and remote control the system on phone.

1. The Whole system has the folloing function:  Alarm function, network VGA, Spot Voice Message, Remote Voice Speaker, DVR,  Flashing Siren, Remote Video Uploading.
2. The system can work with SSG Radar Detector, Cameras and all alarm sensors like PIR Motion Sensor, Door Contacts, Panic Button, Remote Control and so on.
3. As for the Video Part of the DVR: H.264 video Compression, 4Channel Video Input, Audio Inout, AV Output, VGA Output, Local Video Playback, Remote Video Playback, USB Mouse to control the system, Night Vision.
4. As for the Alarm Part of the System; 6 Groups of Phone Number, Arm/disarm bu reomote control, Password Protection, Anti-tampering, Spot Voice Message, Remote Voice Message.

The system can be used in following places:   Home, Shops, Villas, Finance room, Offices, Supermarkets, Banks, Hospitals, Factories, Warehouses, Cafes and other places.

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